How To Get High Retention YouTube Views

If you are a video marketer, getting high retention youtube views is a must to grow, as youtube relies highly on watch time for ranking videos. So the question is, what is audience retention?

Audience retention rate is just a measurement to track how much of your videos people are watching. So if we assume you have a 10 minutes video and people are watching only 2 minutes, then the audience retention rate would be 20%.

Audience retention measures how engaged your viewers are, how long they’re watching your videos, just because you’re getting a view doesn’t mean they’re watching it, they could’ve watched a few seconds. On an average retention rate of 35-40% is considered good.

how to get high retention youtube views
Become a pro video marketer

As we know already apart from other factors youtube does pay attention to high retention youtube views therefore it is an important metric for ranking your videos on search results or getting your video on the suggested video’s list.

When you’re considering how to increase YouTube audience retention, its good to have a goal in mind, but how many videos are actually going to achieve that?

It only takes one person to ‘accidentally’ click on your video and rapidly click away, or for someone to have to stop for outside reasons, to drag your average down.

How To Check Your Audience Retention Rate

The most popular video sharing network anyone would name first is YouTube.

Its user base is enormously wide and due to such veracity, the video library is continuously growing and viewers have a long list to search and watch.

This indicates that the attention is diminishing with each video getting uploaded and to sustain a large group of viewers for long is becoming tougher.

For any brand, YouTube is a great medium to say a lot through a video and gain maximum viewership but all this has to be maintained by retaining a large number of viewers.

But only watching is not good enough unless the audience is engaged and interested in the product or service is projected.

In the Audience Retention report, you can see the Average Percentage Viewed of all the content in your channel combined.

This number lets you know how effective you are in retaining your overall audience.

You can also click into individual videos and see the Average Percentage Viewed by your audience.

YouTube assists you to analyze the audience retention of a particular video, and figure out how to get high retention youtube views.

On the analytics dashboard, one can start evaluating the results by dividing them in two ways, Absolute Retention, and Relative attention.

The absolute retention curve shows you how well your videos retain viewers.

And the relative retention shows you how well one of your videos retains viewers compared to all other YouTube videos of similar length.

get high retention youtube views
Increase your youtube retention rate

In order to get high retention youtube views you need to be very specific with your content especially in the initial seconds, don’t tell a story, give an overview of your video, if you are a blogger or a gamer, start with something funny to get the viewer’s attention right away.

If you see declining audience retention, that means you’re not maintaining viewers’ attention throughout the video.

You need to find what you’re doing wrong, if its the content, or your confidence.

To make it attractive you can use animations, graphs, etc that might be helpful for your audience to relate.

Perhaps all you’ve got is a presentation to make. You’re not a gamer, you’re not showing clips of your cat and you’re not doing a makeup tutorial, so surely all you need is a camera, good lighting, and your face, right?

Wrong. Viewers like to see the visual content changing, and videos that have a range of scenes are usually far more successful than those where it’s just a person talking to the camera.

Think about how you can insert cutaways, pop up text, different footage, and other graphics to keep it interesting for your viewers.

Don’t forget you’re creating videos for your audience and not for youtube to rank your video higher. A long static scene of a subject is boring. Skip the boring parts, make cuts.

This will keep your audience’s interest. If you have better and to the point quality content viewers will be automatically driven to your videos, hence getting high retention youtube views.

Methods to get High Retention Youtube Views:

1. Thumbnails

As thumbnails are the first thing viewers see, before watching any video you must use a custom thumbnail, and that’s where the term BOGY thumbnail comes into the picture.

As we all know the youtube dashboard contains colors like white, red, and black using BOGY colors i.e, Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow make your video stand out.

For example, you must’ve seen many videos of 5 minutes craft, mostly they use yellow and blue color on their thumbnails.

You can easily create free thumbnails on canva. Therefore choosing a customized thumbnail is the first step to high retention youtube views.

2. Video Description

Thumbnails are just a start, next comes your youtube video description.

Your introduction must be your target keyword and it would be better if you mention your target keyword in the initial lines of your video description.

Write a compelling introduction, and try to summarize what someone will learn from your video in a descriptive way, again, use your target keyword.

Provide links on your description, for instance, you can provide the link to your website or blog, link to any other video that might be related, any social media channel you’re active on, and don’t forget to provide a link to your call to action in the description.

4. Creating Playlists

One of the best ways to get high retention youtube views is to create playlists.

If you have a good niche for your audience, you’re probably on the right track to increase audience retention rate.

If your viewers really like your content, playlists will make them stay leading to increased subscribers, likes, and viewers on your channel.

5. Video Title

Title is also your target keyword hence it is an important part of the success of your video.

Use titles between 50-60 characters otherwise it will run out of the youtube screen and people won’t be able to see what exactly your video is about.

Also choose your title wisely, first check how many views videos are getting on that particular keyword and decide accordingly.

6. YouTube SEO

If you also want to get high retention youtube views, you must learn as much as you can about youtube SEO.

The important topics being keyword research, optimizing titles, descriptions, tags, etc.

YouTube uses tags to understand your video’s topic, therefore use your main keyword as your first or second tag, further use words similar to your keyword, it helps youtube understand the topic and category of your video which helps in ranking your video.

7. Engagement

Only a high number of views on your videos isn’t enough, in order to get high retention youtube views, you need your audience to engage with you as much as possible.

You need to make sure if the viewers are watching the whole video or they’re just watching it for the first few seconds.

Slow youtube retention also leads to fewer subscribers, lesser likes on your videos, and no conversions because no one is going to stick around till your call to action.

You can find your audience retention in the analytics section of your youtube channel and you can check how long viewers are watching your videos.

get high retention youtube views
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You need to pay attention to the first 10-20 seconds of your video because that’s where the majority of drop off happens, reason being, you’re not communicating the valuable content to your users immediately.

If you consider a viewer who watches three minutes of your content, they watched three minutes of a ten-minute video and then clicked away bored, or they finished an entire video that was only three minutes long?

Both in terms of audience retention and of your own reputation, having a viewer finish a short video is much more valuable to you than losing someone halfway through a long one.

That person probably enjoyed your content to the end and will more than likely watch another one of your videos.

Conversely, the one you lost halfway through was bored enough to stop watching and will probably not bother viewing any other videos of yours in the future.

Getting high retention youtube views leads to more likes, subscribers, and views, and more users to stick around for your CTA.

Start your video being very specific about the content, don’t start by just explaining yourself or you will lose your viewers in the initial seconds itself, you can do that at the end of the video, start by conveying the value of your video immediately to compel your viewers to watch the video till the end, and that’s how you get high retention youtube views.

Get to the point no, one wants to listen to stuff that doesn’t matter to them. Also ask people to engage like, drop a comment below, or like share and subscriber, etc.

Research shows that YouTube viewers have an incredibly short attention span. Depending on who you believe, you could have as much as six seconds or as little as just three to grab their attention and compel them to carry on watching.

If you want high retention youtube views, coming up with an engaging, attention-grabbing statement right at the start is crucial to your success.

Nobody wants to waste their time watching someone waffle on for ages about their granny or their favorite hobbies, so get right down to it straight away, by telling them what’s in store.

get high retention youtube views
Grab your audience

So, now you know how to get high retention youtube views, what are you going to do about it?

Have a go at modifying your videos to boost the numbers who will watch to the end.

Apart from the ways mentioned above, you can get high retention youtube views by sharing your video as much as possible on every platform you are available, mention your video on your blogs.

It will not only increase your views but also rank your video higher on youtube search results, update your social media with your videos, you can upload small clips of your videos on different social media handles, again analyze the time of updating your social media, upload when user engagement is high.

Also, rank your videos on google, a good number of youtube traffic comes from google search results.

And last but not the least, these days a lot of traffic comes from suggested videos, therefore while creating any video do checkout on your competitors and create a better video to get high retention youtube views.

You can use YouTube analytics to see the related videos and traffic sources of your YouTube views.

If users are watching more videos after yours, it might be an opportunity to create a smart “watch this next” video based on the suggested videos.

You can create playlists and chain relevant videos together to keep users watching.