How to Copy YouTube Video Link

On computer 

1.Open the YouTube video whose link you’d like to copy.(here I’ve taken Pib India’s video as an example)

YouTube video to be shared

2.Now click once on the URL of the chrome page so that your video link would be selected.

Select the text and the link

3.Now right click on your mouse,as you can see on the image above there are multiple options,click on copy and your video URL will be copied.

4.Now tap and hold the place where you want to copy the link and simply click on paste or you can just use control+V .

On mobile

1.Open the YouTube app

2.Search the video whose link you’d like to copy and play it.(here I’ve taken Pib India as an example)

Video to be shared on mobile

3.Now click on the share option below the video.

4.You’ll get the following options,select the copy link option and your video link would be copied now you can share it wherever you want .

Choose copy link option on first row