How to increase Instagram Followers

Tried all the old fashioned ways on how to increase Instagram followers but nothing happened ? Increasing the Instagram followers is not too easy and it takes lots of efforts but don’t worry we have unique solutions for you. I personally tried these ways and it helped me a lot. In the below article I will tell you all the techniques that will surely help in increasing your Instagram followers without doing too much efforts. So read the article below and start increasing your Instagram followers fast.

Top ways to increase Instagram Followers

Increasing Instagram followers can be easy with the following ways. I applied these ways and get lots of Instagram followers. You can also try these methods for how to increase Instagram followers.

1. Niche Following Method

I personally use this method and it is a very effective method to gain lots of Instagram followers. By using this method you will can get the targeted followers related to your niche.

To use this method , find the top accounts related to your niche that have large number of followers.

After finding 5-6 top accounts related to your account go their profile and from there start following people.

But remember that do not follow more than 50-60 at one time otherwise Instagram will block your account temporarily.

Repeat this method on daily basis and you will get daily followers which have ,same interest to your niche.

Getting all the followers related to your niche gets more engagement and helps to get more followers also.

2. Use Shout-out Technique

Shout-out technique is older but it works amazingly if you do it right. Doing shout-out for shout-out can help you to gain a large number of followers in a day. This method also helps to get targeted followers for your Instagram account

To use this method, find the accounts in your niche and have followers more than your account.

Always target those accounts which have 1.5 times more followers than your account. For example, if your Instagram account has 5000 followers then target the Instagram account that has almost 8000 followers.

After finding these accounts contact them and ask for them whether they want shout-out for shout-out or not.

Some of them will not respond or may not want to shout-out but don’t worry, find out more accounts and contact them. There are plenty of accounts there.

Things You should Care About

We discussed methods to increase Instagram followers but you have to care about different things. Instagram works on a different algorithm and doing something wrong can decrease your account’s reach.

Below are some things that you must care about and keep in mind.

1. Excess Follow and Unfollow

Always take care, do not use follow and unfollow method in excess. This will make your Instagram account temporarily blocked. Instagram has its algorithm and Instagram provides a particular limit to follow and unfollow the accounts in a day.

You can not unfollow more than 650 accounts per day and more than 100 accounts per hour. Doing so can temporarily block your account.

2. Do not message too much

Contacting other accounts is good but doing so very fast can harm your account.

Do not send the same message to all the accounts. Change the style of your message and do not send the message to more than 10 accounts in the period of one hour.

how to increase instagram followers

If you do these things, Instagram thinks that you are doing spamming and they will block your account temporarily. So take care of these things and keep your account safe.

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