How To Copy your YouTube channel link

On computer 1.Open the YouTube channel whose link you’d like to copy(here I’ve taken Pib India as an example) 2.Now click once on the URL of the chrome page so that your channel link would be selected. 3.Now right click on your mouse,as you can see on the image above there are multiple options,click on […]

How to copy facebook post link

On computer 1.Open facebook on your web browser (log in into your facebook account) 2.Find the post you want to copy 3.Below every post there’s a timestamp(like just now,3 minutes,here its 11 hour) 4.Click on this timestamp,this will open the post on a new page. 5.Now select the URL,right click on your mouse and select […]

How to increase Instagram Followers

How to increase instagram followers

Tried all the old fashioned ways on how to increase Instagram followers but nothing happened ? Increasing the Instagram followers is not too easy and it takes lots of efforts but don’t worry we have unique solutions for you. I personally tried these ways and it helped me a lot. In the below article I […]