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Do you love having a lot of Facebook Video Views? We also do. Buy Facebook Video views to showcase your videos with tons of views on them.

It is a great way to grow the videos that you made with so much effort. Giving a small boost with our Facebook video views can give a massive boost to your Facebook videos.

Purchasing Facebook video views can be an alternative source of sponsoring your video on Facebook for view. This method of buying video views is more cost-efficient as compared to the Facebook ads and also has a couple of other benefits as well.

These Facebook video views can be purchased at a cheap price. We provide you a platform where a large no of active users of Facebook are working together and it acts as a connecting source where these active users provide you Facebook video views.

How it Works?

1. You Select the Package

You select the package of facebook video views according to your choice that how may views you need on your facebook video.

2. You pay for the Service

You pay for the package that you selected and provide the some basic details to complete the order.

3. We complete order

Finally, we complete your order and provide you the number of facebook views you purchased for your facebook video.

How to Buy Facebook Video Views?

Buying Facebook video views is not as complicated as you might have thought. You can do it in several easy steps.

You have to visit the website myigfollowers

When you open the website, the Home page welcomes you and provides you with an easy to use interface. In the header at the top, the services that the website offers are mentioned. You have to click on the Facebook video views under the facebook tab. After that,

  • Select the Package of Facebook Views according to your need.
  • After selecting the package, Click on Buy now button.
  • Enter your Facebook video link, contact email, and details.
  • Do the Payment, and see the magic results in your Videos.

Our Payment Methods



We accept payment via PayPal providing our customers a secure and instant experience to buy facebook video views easily.



We also provide payment through debit and credit card options to our customers so that they can easily buy facebook views.

Facebook Video Views

Facebook is considered one of the most used and most viewed applications of today’s world.

And it’s not just about posting static pictures, or status updates, Facebook videos are mostly watched on Facebook and termed as the most popular features of Facebook features.

With the billions of videos watched daily, users are shifting from using Facebook to post pictures or status updates, to an online video streaming site just like YouTube. According to statistics, each Facebook user spends more than 50% time watching Facebook videos.

With such an immense use of Facebook videos, it provides the users a great insight on why to use Facebook videos to market themselves, and get views that would serve as a promotional effort. Large companies such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, and Netflix are spending today on Facebook videos for marketing and advertising purposes.

With such a huge market, you might have thought of advertising yourself on Facebook through videos and you would want viewers to watch your video and know more about your brand, product, or your company.

And the best option available to you is to make a video of your product/brand and let people watch the video to know more about you. But, you would want people to watch your video and that mostly does not happen without promoting your videos on Facebook.

The simple question is how people can watch your videos when they are not reaching your video. Facebook offers to promote your video and give you audiences reach according to your budget.

But, if you’re a new business and you’re looking for an economical model, this still might be somehow expensive for you.

What to then? Is there an alternative? If you want to be recognized by users across Facebook, you might want your videos to be seen by a large number of people and you might want to make yourself visible to other Facebook users.

While doing so, getting a large number of views on your videos is compulsory and is the only way for your video to be seen by people or to be visible across Facebook. But, it is seen that whenever you upload a video it is just viewed by a small number of people in the large user-based platform. This feels demotivating right?

Don’t worry; there are ways to make your video visible to large audiences at a cheap price. Don’t you think so? Let’s see how:

Myigfollowers provides you with the service of buying a huge amount of Facebook Views. Yes, that’s right. These are real-time active users watching your video and giving your video views and helping you to rank it on Facebook. The Service is completely safe and the views are real.

There are no bots used or not any soft wares that are increasing your video view artificially. These are real views from real people through real, trusted platform.

Buy Facebook video views

If you buy Facebook video views, it promotes your video by bringing traffic to your video and helping your video to rank on Faceboo. Moreover, it helps to gain a position to be watched organically by users of Facebook across the globe.

Buying such video views can be cheap and will also allow you not to wait for days to rank your video. The views on your video will be instant and it will help the Facebook algorithm to detect that the video is being watched by a large number of people.

It may be a popular video (as per the Facebook term) and then the algorithm of Facebook supports your video and makes it visible to people when the video is ranked which will help you be prominent and make yourself visible to the users on Facebook, which is your main objective.

The instant service of buying Facebook video views also benefits in a way that the algorithm of Facebook works on specific measures that are specified by the developers.

One such measure is that if the video is watched by a large number of people as soon as it is published, the algorithm detects the activity and promotes your video categorizing it as quality content because of the user behavior. 

This will help you gain visibility and popularity. And it will also let you know the effectiveness of buying Facebook video views.

buy Facebook Video Views

Packages Overview to Buy Facebook Video Views

There are different packages of Facebook video views that you can choose to grow your Facebook views according to your need. We provide small packages as well as large packages and if you want a really high number of views which is not listed, you can contact us for a custom package also.

Buy 100 Facebook Video Views

The package of 100 facebook views is the smallest package you can buy to grow your facebook views. It is very cheap and everyone can afford it. The price of 100 facebook video views is $0.8 only.

You can use this package if you do not want very high number of facebook views on your videos or you can buy this package to check our service quality.

Buy 500 Facebook Video Views

You can also buy 500 facebook views if you want a little boost to your facebook videos. When you buy 500 facebook views, the views boost the organic reach of your facebook video.

With the boost of organic reach you will get some of facebook views automatically as it will reach more and more people and they will watch your facebook video.

Buy 1000 Facebook Video Views

The package of 1000 facebook views is the most popular package. Most of the people prefer to purchase 1000 facebook video views to boost their videos.

This package provides a great boost to the facebook videos and does not cost much. The price for 1000 facebook views is $2.5 only. You can get it easily to boost the facebook videos.

Buy 2500 Facebook Video Views

2500 Facebook video views package is very useful to grow your organic reach and get more views on your facebook videos. The price for 2500 facebook views is $7 that anyone can buy to give a great jump in the views of their facebook video.

Sometimes you can buy small package and sometime large packages but 2500 facebook views package is the medium package that works the best.

Buy 5000 Facebook Video Views

5000 Facebook video views cost $13. It is a good number of views that can boost and grow your facebook videos easily. If you want to get a large number of views to show off or want to grow your organic reach then you can buy 5000 facebook video views to grow your facebook videos easily.

Those people who want to show their friends or really want to grow, buy 5000 facebook views package.

Buy 10,000 Facebook Video Views

The package of 10,000 facebook video views is really a large number for small business or personal profile. If you buy 10,000 facebook views for your videos then you will see a massive boost in your facebook video.

The facebook video will grow organically fast with these number of views on it. It will get tons of views also by organic views and your profile will grow.

Why do you need Facebook video views?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. If you are someone who is trying to promote your page, your brand, your product, your company, or even yourself, Purchasing Facebook video views might be the best solution for you.

Let us first see, why it needs to be a video? Why not an image, a post, or some text? Well, you might have read or heard that video is the best interactive medium used to connect with your viewers, subscribers, followers all of them who can be your potential customers or consumers.

You can represent yourself in a better way, and better explain what you’re offering. On the other hand, using static pictures can be a limited approach to advertising yourself or your brand. So if you want to interact with your audience, videos might be the best choice for you.

It is already a fact that Facebook is fashionable. Hence, having a presence on Facebook is a very important aspect to be taken into account in order to guarantee the visibility of any brand or public character.

Therefore, Buy Facebook Video Views ensures your account gets a huge volume fast. Consequently, a Facebook profile with a large number of views will generate an exponential increase in the chances of your images appearing on the homepage.

In addition to the increase in popularity also. Hence, do not wait any longer and take off your Facebook account with our unique and innovative service and buy FB video views without any difficulty.

Buying Facebook Video Views is very important because it increases the presence of our account. And make us popular also.

In other words, Increasing the number of views and being popular on Facebook isn’t as difficult as you think. Hence, if you want to have real facebook views you can buy FB video views cheap from us at a cheap price.

Where to buy Facebook Video views

Once you have chosen videos to be your primary source of advisement, you might think who will watch my videos or how can I position should my video or advertisements.

Well, as explained earlier, one way to get advertise and get Facebook to reach and video views are the usages of the conventional Facebook ads Feature.

This is a cost-effective and budget-friendly option, but if you have even less budget and you cannot afford the Facebook Ads feature, and then getting assistance from websites such as can serve you in a better way.

This website can give you unlimited Facebook video views according to your budget, comparatively very cheap to that of Facebook Ads.

You can visit the website to buy Facebook video views. The website offers you services related to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud. You can also buy Instagram views, YouTube views, and Soundcloud services.

Benefits of buying Facebook video views

There is another plus point of using this website to purchase Facebook video views. Once you purchase the service, you’ll get instant video views. As you don’t have any limitations, you are free to choose any number of views that you want to buy, and all the video views will be instant.

You don’t have to wait for days to get your video reach to some quantity of people. The instant service also has the advantage that when your video is getting instant reach which is not sponsored by Facebook, the algorithm of Facebook detects the instant reach and categorizes your video in the popular category.

Once this happens, your video starts to rank organically and an organic audience starts to develop and then your video starts getting organic video views. Then the system runs on self-automation and you no longer need to invest in buying or purchasing video views. So we can say that it is a one-time investment.

Buy Facebook Views from

So don’t miss the chance. If you want to increase your visibility and want to make an impression, Go to and purchase Facebook views for your video and make your video stand out.

And If you’re a brand, company or you have a product and you’re searching for the cheapest way to promote yourself, click the link of the website and see the offers, services, and pricing.

Why this Website?

Well, there are plenty of websites that are offering the service of Facebook video views, Facebook page likes, followers, Instagram followers, Instagram video views. Who to trust? The answer is quite simple. Look at the prices and the reviews of different buyers. If a website isn’t showing the reviews, don’t trust it.

If a website has good, competitive pricing and also the buyers have given positive feedback about the service, then you may go for purchasing it.

As for the website, you can review the pricing of the services offered and compare it to other websites and you can also assess the reviews, feedback, and rating given by other buyers who have previously purchased services of this website. You can make the decision. It is surely going to prove itself as one of the best possible solutions available in the market

This website has an easy user interface that can easily allow you to see all the services mentioned the pricing of the services and the features that are guaranteed with those services.

Another best option that this website feature is the chat button that links you to the Whatsapp number of the website. You can use this to redirect yourself to their Whatsapp number to chat with them and ask queries if you have any regarding the services, pricing, or any other details in your mind. This increases the accessibility of the website and provides an ease to the customers.

Prices of buying Facebook video views

You might be thinking such an effective and efficient service that gives you tons of benefits might be costly and high priced. Well, with, the prices are very nominal and the work is guaranteed. It starts from providing you 100 views on your video just for $0.8, to 10,000 video views in just $25.

This is fantastically cheap looking at the services that are being offered, you don’t have to login or anything. The websites give the guarantee of the service and provide you an easy way to purchase the service. Your video starts receiving views from the day you buy the service.

It delivers all the views in a short time. So, if you’re interested in promoting your video with ease and at a cheap price, hurry up and purchase the service and buy the Facebook video views.

When to buy Facebook video views

If you have read this and you have a video or you are planning to publish a video for your product or brand promotion, it is the perfect time for you to buy Facebook video views and advertise on a cheaper and effective model. The offer is still valid for you. Just open the website and Buy Facebook video views now.

Buy Facebook Views Cheap

Facebook is getting big and big every day. It is a social media giant and covers a major part of social media. To grow your facebook videos and reach more people it is very important to get a large number of views on your facebook videos.

To cover this thing and make it easy, here you can buy facebook views cheap which will boost your videos.

This is very important to gain more views and due to this, it becomes mandatory for you to Buy Facebook video cheap. It helps in growing the reach of your facebook video and provides more views on it organically.

Buy Instant Facebook Video Views

In the digital world of facebook videos, everything is fast and important to do on time.

It is very important to get facebook views on your videos in the first few hours so that the video can reach more people.

When you buy instant facebook video views, Facebook algorithms check that and make your videos reach more and more people.

But sometimes it is not possible to get instant facebook views and here you need to buy instant facebook video views so that you can get complete benefits.

Buy Instant facebook video views and get the maximum views in the first few hours of your video upload and reach maximum people to build your brand.

How do I find the Facebook video link?

Facebook Video link can easily be found via desktop as well as on mobile.

To find your Facebook video link on your desktop, go to your video and right-click on it. There click on the option “copy link” and your Facebook video link will be copied.

And to find the video link on your mobile, open the Facebook app, go to your Facebook video and click on three dots on the post and click on the “copy link” option. Your Facebook video link will be copied.

You can also check the step by step guide to copy the Facebook video link


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy facebook video views?

Yes, it is totally safe to buy facebook video views. As there is no use of bots, it is completely safe. Therefore, we can assure you that you can buy Facebook video views with security of 100%.  In other words, it is totally safe to buy FB video views.

Can you buy Facebook views?

Yes, you can buy facebook views. You can buy as much as you want according to your need. There is no restriction on it. It is a very cool thing to buy Facebook views and show your quality videos with a high number of views on them.

How much are Facebook views worth?

Facebook Views are not very costly. It starts from $0.8 for 100 facebook views. You can buy them at very cheap prices.

How do you get views on Facebook videos?

Getting Views on Facebook Videos is very easy. You can directly buy as many views as you want or share your videos but sometimes it is very hard to get views by sharing videos.

Do my views count on facebook videos?

Yes, your views count on facebook videos. To check this, just view a facebook video for a few seconds and then refresh the page. And again when you watch the video, you will see the change in views count.

Does Facebook count multiple views?

Yes, facebook count multiple views. If you watch the same video again and again then it will count it again as a new view.

Does watching your own video on Facebook count as a view?

On facebook, yes it counts as a view if you watch your own video. You can check this by watching your own video and refresh the page to see changes in the number of views.

Can facebook show who views your videos?

On facebook, you can only see how many people have watched your videos. It does not show who viewed your videos on facebook.

How facebook views are counted?

When a person sees the facebook video it is counted a view on that video and the number of views on facebook video is the number of times a video is watched.

How many facebook views to go viral?

To go viral on facebook, there is not an exact number of views you need. It depends on the type of video but you need a large number of views in a short period of time to go viral.

Can I buy views for any Facebook video?

Yes, you can buy facebook views for any video you want. Whether the video is posted on your facebook page, group or your personal profile, you can buy facebook video views to grow them.

Do you need my password and username?

No, we do not ask our customers to provide any personal data or password. We only need the facebook video link on which you want to grow facebook views to complete the order.

How long will the delivery take to start?

The delivery of facebook views start within few minutes of purchase. But sometimes, due to overload, it can take few hours to complete the order.

Can I place multiple orders for the same Facebook Video?

Yes, you can place multiple orders for the same facebook video as many times as you want. But before placing another order for the same video, you need to make sure that the previous order is completed for that video.

Do you offer free trial for Facebook Views?

No, we do not provide free trial but we provide real facebook video views at very cheap price. It starts from $0.8 for 100 views.

You can buy that package and check the service.

Can I get views on a personal post?

Yes, you can get views on personal facebook videos also. No matter what video you use, you can buy facebook video views anytime to grow them fast.

Does this work on a post that is in a group?

Absolutely yes. Our facebook video views service works on all the posts. It works on a post that is in group also.

How long the video length should be to make sure I get views?

No matter what is the length of your facebook video, you can buy facebook views for any video. It does not effect if your video is short or long, you can get views for any video.

Are these people real which will watch it?

Yes, all the views will be real and video is watched by real people. We share your videos to our networks where you get real views on facebook videos.


This is meant for all the people who are searching for the way to buy Facebook video views and the cheapest platform to buy the service. If you have read the article, you are lucky to know that you’re on the right track to buy Facebook Video views and the procedure. Hope that it will help you in a good way.

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